How Brinks saves time, cuts costs, and drives improvement with Cresta

As one of the largest home security and alarm monitoring companies in North America, Brinks Home understands the critical importance of providing top-notch protection and support to its vast customer base. However, with in-house agents and multiple Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partners scattered across various locations, the company faced challenges in maintaining consistency and visibility across its contact center operations.

Navigating complexity and embracing change

Veronica Moturi, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Brinks, describes the pre-Cresta era as “very reactive” and “old school.” The lack of consistency in customer interactions and the complexity of managing diverse technologies – sometimes up to 15 at a time – posed considerable obstacles to delivering a seamless customer experience. Agents are also tasked with a broad understanding of the business and its offerings, as Philip Kolterman, Vice President of Digital Transformation & Development explained: “There was a lot to know about Brinks and about the processes and procedures and systems that an agent had to be aware of. It was very complicated for us to manage, and it was also very complicated for the agent.”

The team was looking for innovative ways to enhance their service delivery. Kolterman acknowledges the urgency of modernizing their operations: “We needed a transformative solution that could streamline our processes and elevate both the agent and customer experience.”

Revolutionizing contact center dynamics

The team knew that, more and more, customers were reaching them through digital channels, and wanted to ensure that they were meeting the customer where they were and on their terms. Recognizing the transformative potential of AI-driven solutions, Brinks evaluated several options and ultimately decided to work with Cresta.
In the first six weeks, they gained unprecedented visibility and standardization in coaching and quality management (QM) processes across all locations and agents. The integration of Cresta not only facilitated a smoother transition but also resulted in significant cost savings, sparing the company from the burden of a costly overhaul.

Empowering Agents, Elevating Experiences

Powered by Cresta, Brinks experienced a paradigm shift in agent training and performance management. Real-time insights and automated coaching capabilities empowered agents to deliver superior service, resulting in enhanced consistency and quality in customer interactions. “Prior to Cresta, I would say that a lot of interactions weren’t consistent and customers would maybe get a different answer from different agents. The process was really driven by training, and so it relied on what an agent retained through that training, what they had available through our knowledge base – but they had to know how to find it,” Kolterman told us.

The ability to identify trends and behaviors through Cresta’s dashboards also enabled managers to tailor their coaching approach effectively, driving a substantial improvement in first-call resolution (FCR) rates.

Measurable Impact: Driving Efficiency and Effectiveness

By leveraging AI-driven coaching plans and implementing auto QA, the company achieved remarkable savings in time and costs while boosting agent productivity and satisfaction. “Cresta has transformed how we do training and how we think about training because once agents have that information in real time, you can be more nimble,” explained Kolterman. With Cresta Agent Assist, agents saw tangible improvements in Average Handle Time (AHT) and post-call work, translating into a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

Moturi expanded on the benefits they are seeing in after-call work for agents. “We very quickly saw that the time that it’s taking to notate a conversation was cut in half just by leveraging auto summarization.”

Looking Ahead: A Future of Innovation and Excellence

As Brinks continues to harness the power of AI and data-driven insights, the company remains committed to delivering unparalleled security solutions and customer experiences. With Cresta as a trusted partner, Brinks is in a position to nimbly and effectively navigate the evolving landscape of customer service and emerge as a leader in the industry.

The partnership between Brinks and Cresta exemplifies the transformative potential of AI in reshaping contact center dynamics. By embracing innovation and prioritizing the customer experience, Brinks has not only overcome operational challenges but also set a new standard for excellence in the industry. As businesses strive to adapt to changing consumer expectations, the journey of Brinks serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, technology, and forward-thinking leadership.

“Cresta has been central to the transformation of how we manage the organization and the teams. It becomes central to how we roll out new knowledge into the organization and also how we coach and improve agents. That is what Cresta is all about, is creating a consistent customer experience.” 
– Philip Kolterman

To learn more about how Brinks has partnered with Cresta to drive change in their organization through transformative AI, read their case study here.

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