Holiday Inn Club Vacations: Driving Customer Obsession with Cresta

“The real-time coaching has been a game changer… Having the new technology has allowed us to cut down on call times and being able to really be there for the customer… The manager facing solution has been invaluable.”
Crissa Graham, Director of Marketing

“Cresta is really the technology of the future. Everybody has Siri, or Alexa, and they’re used to having systems that help them and that’s what Cresta is. ”
Jason Love, Director of Contact Center Training

Holiday Inn Club Vacations is a resort, real estate and travel company with a mission to be the most loved brand in family travel. They are focused on Customer Obsession as a part of their strategy to grow their customers and business. Hear from Crissa Graham, the Director of Marketing, and Jason Love, Director of Contact Center training as they discuss how Cresta’s Agent Assist solution helped reduce average handle time and increase their Bookings per Day. They also discuss how Cresta Director helps them reduce agent reviews, and even drive real-time feedback to impact customer interactions immediately.

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