How Vivint transformed performance management and QA with Cresta

Vivint provides smart home security systems and services to 2 million customers across the US. Vivint’s national inbound sales team handles roughly 60,000 calls every week; their two-step sales process begins with a sale over the phone and culminates in an installation appointment with a technician.

They needed a way to enhance coaching at scale in order to cut down on pre-install cancellations, increase lead-to-install conversion rates, and drive bottom-line revenue, which required greater visibility and more robust QA, including actionable insights.

Read on to learn how they deployed Cresta’s technology to completely transform their approach to performance management and QA.

Impact of lag time and lack of visibility on the bottom line 

Prior to adopting Cresta, Vivint’s solution only allowed for visibility into a very small percentage of conversations: 5% in a ‘good’ month. This created a multi-day lag time in addressing post-call issues, making it nearly impossible to surface insights on high-performing behaviors, let alone to effectively coach agents and implement new strategies. 

When the team experienced a higher-than-usual rate of post-sale cancellations and an accompanying increase in costs, they felt the need for a more mature solution even more acutely. 

Real-time insights drive meaningful change

This is where Cresta came in. Because these pre-installation cancellations are a costly drain, Vivint needed to do two things: understand what was happening on calls which may lead to higher cancellation rates – and coach agents through concrete steps to avoid this outcome. 

Vivint and Cresta worked together in a true partnership to develop custom approaches that took visibility from <5% to 100%. Armed with this information, they were able to extract insights on the behaviors that mattered most for agents, and handle performance management in real time.

Powered by Cresta’s real-time insights into winning behaviors, the team has immediate access to every interaction and the ability to coach agents in real time. They’ve uncovered QA trends as they emerge, allowing them to immediately address the issues and deploy adjustments – all at scale. 

Cresta enabled Vivint to automate many elements of their QA process, including call scoring, behavior tracking, and redaction of PII. As a result, managers have more time to focus on the elements of QA that require human attention. Agents are able to focus on more strategic customer work, along with full access to their own calls and performance data. And Cresta’s user-friendly interface made it easy to uncover and implement quick-win coaching opportunities.

As a result of this enhanced visibility, Vivint mapped out common behaviors of top performers and automated the tracking of their sales process using Cresta. Through Opera, they built rules and flags for every part of the sales process—from validation to installation appointment.

“Before, we could listen to 30 out of 5,000 calls/day – fewer than 1% of calls. Now, with Cresta, we quickly gain insights into a huge set of data to give us a really clear picture and allow us to make adjustments quickly.” – David Sauer, Manager of Inside Sales, Vivint 

Not only did Vivint uncover key behaviors to help sales agents be more efficient and effective, but they also avoided incurring the unnecessary expense of a post-sale outreach team. 

To learn more about how Cresta helped to drive down cost per lead and increase closed won rate for Vivint, read our new case study with them. You can also watch the on-demand webinar replay featuring David Sauer, Manager of Insides Sales at Vivint. And to see first-hand how advancements to Cresta Opera and Outcome Insights can uplevel your contact center, schedule a personalized demo with our team! 

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