Reimagining Post-Call Through the Power of AI

Earlier this week, we hosted a webinar digging into the necessity of a post-call solution for modern day contact centers. Cresta’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Jessica Stallings, and Director of Product Management, Josh Levin, gave a detailed look at the critical metrics impacted by a company’s approach to post-call, and gave a step-by-step demo of Cresta’s post-call solution, powered by generative AI. 

The webinar kicked off with a central question that many companies may be asking themselves as generative AI gains more and more attention: why do enterprise businesses need an advanced generative AI-powered post-call solution in the first place? 

The reality is that up until the past few years, managers and supervisors walked the floor in in-person settings – but this method is not only time-consuming and ineffective, but also less and less realistic as many contact centers move to all-remote settings. Compounding this is that many contact centers sample just a portion of customer conversations, making it hard if not impossible to identify coaching opportunities or focus efforts and resources where they can drive the most success. Often, this is compounded by a lack of data on agent performance and missing the tools to drive effective coaching at scale. 

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In a poll during the webinar, a full half of attendees reported that a post-call solution powered by generative AI would impact all of the following in their organization: revenue, the process of identifying customer needs, QA & compliance, and the ramp period for new agents.

In today’s blog post, we’re giving you a sneak peek at just two elements of the full demo that Josh presented during the webinar – to get the full look at Cresta’s Post-Call solution, check out the webinar replay. 

Topic Discovery

Topic Discovery allows users to uncover, explore and understand new unknown topics. Using state-of-the-art NLU, it automatically groups conversations into common themes to help determine where to focus your time. As Josh explains, this is often where our customers start. This is where they can start to unearth the true unknowns in their business: What are the questions that customers are actually asking that the contact center team can address more effectively? What are the behaviors that are really driving revenue? How do I then build a scalable and repeatable playbook around these behaviors that will ultimately drive revenue and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire organization? 

Cresta Topic Discovery

This quickly and powerfully allows our customers to get a sense for their business, the pain points they are seeing from customers, and where exactly they can optimize to see the biggest impact. Often, customers approach this with their existing playbooks and scoreboards, which helps to really understand and automate the process. 

Performance Insights

Once teams have had the opportunity to automate the process more thoroughly through Topic Discovery, Cresta’s generative AI will start evaluating 100% of your conversations automatically. This forms a strong foundation for meaningful, data-driven action. 


Cresta Performance Insights

This is a particularly powerful tool for leaders, who can drill into specific conversations to surface examples, but also get a high-level, holistic view of what’s happening in the business and the critical behaviors that need to be emphasized and focused on. With this level of insight, leaders can take action quickly and triage accordingly: which teams need more support on which behaviors? What progress can you celebrate? How can you drive, engage, and motivate your team members towards the most impactful actions? 

Our second poll of the webinar asked attendees which of the features they saw would be most impactful, 47% reported that all of the above would bring tremendous impact to their organization. Schedule your own personalized demo or download the webinar replay today to see for yourself! 

Don’t miss our next webinar,  on June 15 at 11 am PT, featuring Metrigy CEO & Principal Analyst, Robin Gareiss, and Scott Kolman, Cresta CMO: The Real Story on Generative AI for Customer Engagement.  

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