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The Real Story on Generative AI for Customer Engagement


With all the hype surrounding generative AI, you’d think every company was using it to its maximum capacity. Though companies are generally bullish on generative AI, there are some concerns and precautions they’re taking as they start to incorporate it into their Customer Experience (CX) strategies.
Metrigy just completed a large study, CX Optimization 2023-24, with more than 600 companies to understand how they use advanced technologies for better customer interactions. What’s more, the research also included insight from 500 consumers who use the technologies.
During this webinar, Cresta’s VP of Marketing, Scott Kolman, and Metrigy’s CEO & Principal Analyst Robin Gareiss will share findings and provide recommendations on the following:
  • Is generative AI ready for primetime in all areas of business or just select areas? How can you prepare and protect your organization?
  • How can generative AI help sales and service teams?
  • What value do consumers see in using AI?
  • How are companies driving success using AI and analytics in their customer interactions?

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Presented by
  • Scott Kolman

    CMO, Cresta

  • Robin Gareiss

    CEO & Principal Analyst, Metrigy