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In case you missed it, two weeks ago we announced updates to Cresta’s portfolio of products and solutions powered by our in-house generative AI. One of these announcements was about Cresta’s Post-Call solution, which is designed to increase agent effectiveness through outcome-oriented coaching and business insights. 

What are the pain points?

Oftentimes, organizations lack real insight into what is driving the performance of their top performers – and how to replicate this performance across the organization. Here are some of the main pain points we see among contact centers: 

  • Limited, randomized sampling of a small percentage of conversations, limiting a team’s ability to identify issues, triage issues, or see the full landscape 
  • Lack of visibility into what’s driving the results, making it difficult to bridge the performance gap between top- and bottom-performing agents 
  • Lack of real-time data to identify the behaviors that truly impact an agent’s performance 
  • Missing tools to drive effective coaching in real time, and at scale 

A three-pronged approach to improving effectiveness across the contact center

Identify behaviors driving outcomes
By providing managers and supervisors with real-time insights, Post-Call equips teams with the ability to identify and prioritize the key behaviors that are actually driving successful business outcomes.

Drive adherence through coaching and training
Further, they are able to ensure consistency by automatically reviewing agent adherence to behaviors in every single conversation, rather than drawing from a random sample.

Measure and iterate
Agents become more effective, efficient, and confident with real-time, personalized coaching. This solution, powered by generative AI, has profound impacts on the QA (quality assurance) process, creating a real-time feedback loop that helps to drive continuous improvement, tracking, evaluating, and helping agents to improve over time.

Supervisors can have a holistic view of what’s happening with greater industry-level trends, customer insights, and a data-driven understanding of how their team is performing on the individual level. 

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