Three Ways AI Supercharges Your Contact Center

Before the Thanksgiving holiday, we hosted a webinar to show a deep dive into Cresta Opera, the self-serve, no-code AI command center for contact centers. The system brings together agents, managers, coaching, and compliance/performance data to automate personalized agent coaching and post-call operations. 

While you can learn more about how this works and see the product in action on the webinar replay, today we wanted to dig into three ways that Cresta Opera helps to transform the contact center: 

Automated coaching

In the ‘old world’, managers and supervisors had to physically walk the floor of the contact center in order to take the pulse of their team and identify potentially coachable moments. Now, we live in a time where thousands of conversations are happening each day in a hybrid work world, and manual, in-person monitoring is out of the question. 

With Cresta Opera, managers can identify coaching moments in real-time. For example, managers can create an ‘utterance trigger’ to coach an agent through handling price objections from customers, including reminders on how to lead with empathy and remind customers of the value they’re paying for. Tune into the webinar replay for more on this particular scenario, as well as others that might be familiar to you and your team.

Immediate visibility

Even with a distributed workforce and incredible volumes of data to parse through, managers are able to quickly and easily track compliance and agent performance over time. Cresta provides a comprehensive library of triggers and actions that can be connected together, including hints, knowledge articles, guided workflows, alerts and post-call tasks. With all of this at their fingertips, managers can set up alerts for key events and keep track of the metrics that are making a difference.

Speedy time to value

In less than 5 minutes, managers can create these automated coaching strategies, targeting specific agents, teams, and use cases that make the most sense for their business goals and the customers they’re serving.

Hints is a key feature for companies looking to maximize revenue and ensure adherence to their playbook. It prompts agents in real-time to follow behaviors correlated with revenue outcomes and helps agents to personalize conversations. This all can be built in under five minutes, quickly maximizing and supercharging the value that your team can drive.

Interested to learn more? Check out the replay of Cresta Opera: Supercharging your contact center with no-code AI to see Cresta Opera and more in action, and always feel free to reach out for a personalized demo!

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