A Solution for Every Use Case

Whether you’re a retailer trying to grow revenue or a telecom provider looking to improve customer service, Cresta’s flexible omnichannel platform can quickly be trained to help you reach your business goals. One platform, endless solutions.

Use Cases


Arm sellers with high-performing personalized coaching that is proven to grow revenue faster.

Customer Service

Real-time guided responses help customer advocates deliver a more personalized customer experience, faster.


Customer relationships ebb and flow. Coach teams to find the perfect solution to fit each customer’s individual needs.

Remote Teams

Communicate, manage, and coach remote agents as if they’re sitting right next to you in the contact center.



Offer customers innovative and personalized ownership experiences, from purchase to service.


Deliver fast and effective service that turns window shoppers into brand advocates.


Consistently show first-time buyers and long-time subscribers value at every step of their customer journey.


Help customers find the right product mix and quickly troubleshoot their most pressing problems.


Automate away time-wasting tasks, train agents faster and respond to irregular operations with agility.


Drive better CX, ensure compliance, and unlock revenue opportunities—all while working more efficiently and effectively.


Help representatives resolve policyholder questions with timely information while meeting compliance standards.

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