Contact center generative AI solutions from Cresta drive immediate value for sales, CX, and beyond

One platform, a comprehensive set of call center solutions

Whether you’re a financial services organization trying to grow revenue or a communications provider looking to improve customer service, Cresta’s flexible omnichannel platform can help you reach your business goals.

Generative AI solutions to fit your business’s specific needs

Cresta’s AI platform is purpose-built for the contact center. Whatever challenges your call center faces, Cresta has tailored solutions to address them.

Slow or ineffective sales processes

Constantly refine your approach for high-velocity sales. Cresta helps teams discover winning sales behaviors and reinforce those behaviors in real-time with real-time guided selling.

Poor customer retention is costing you big

Scale a proven formula for contact center customer retention. Uncover the behaviors of top performers driving customer retention and turn them into an actionable playbook.

High agent turnover and long ramp times

Onboard new agents faster, keep your best agents happy Bring expert guidance to agents on day one and improve agent experience by letting Cresta do more heavy lifting.

Surging demand and inconsistent outcomes

Real-time support for a high-volume environment Deliver guided responses and relevant information in the moment to help agents stay on track in every conversation.

Cresta’s tailored AI solutions for contact center objectives

Whether you’re looking to drive revenue, improve employee satisfaction, or create a differentiated customer experience, Cresta’s contact center AI solutions can help.

Revenue growth

Arm sellers with high-performing personalized coaching that is proven to grow revenue faster. Improve sales velocity by scaling the behaviors of top performers to every agent with bespoke playbooks and gain 100% visibility into every conversation to ensure key behaviors are followed. Cresta’s three-step approach to sales helps teams discover winning sales behaviors, determine whether those sales behaviors are being followed, and reinforce those behaviors with real-time guided selling. And with the most comprehensive real-time coaching solution on the market, Cresta enables you to close the sales performance gap so every agent sells like your best agent.

Customer care

Real-time guided responses help customer advocates deliver a more personalized customer experience, faster. Cresta harnesses the power of generative AI to provide real-time automation and guidance to chat agents as they navigate complex care conversations. With its suite of intelligent features, Cresta enhances customer care agents’ productivity, unlocks their knowledge potential, and enables managers to coach effectively. Eliminate after-call work like note taking, provide self-service hints for agents to cross-sell or upsell during care conversations, and discover emerging customer trends before they spiral into massive issues when you empower agents with Cresta.


Increase agent effectiveness through outcome-oriented coaching and business insights. Cresta’s AI call center solution for post-call automation helps contact centers be more effective by providing managers and supervisors with insights to identify and prioritize the key behaviors that drive successful business outcomes, along with the ability to ensure consistency by automatically reviewing agent adherence to behaviors in every conversation. Rather than sampling a small portion of conversations, Cresta provides visibility into 100% of interactions for improved QA and compliance that requires less manual effort, more effective coaching for targeted performance improvement, and more valuable business insights.

Solution bundles

Cresta’s AI call center solution bundles focus on specific use cases to help you better discover the capabilities Cresta provides and to help you get started quickly. The Cresta real-time intelligence platform includes a rich set of capabilities designed to help agents, managers, and leaders work together to grow revenue and improve efficiency by unleashing the power of AI to make your sales and service agents more effective. Depending on your objectives, you can select bundles that target agent assistance; performance, coaching, and QA; insights and trends; virtual agents; or for comprehensive support, you can explore the full platform with optional add-ons.

Real-time intelligence powered by Generative AI

Cresta centralizes and amplifies the knowledge, insights, and coaching your contact center needs to reach peak performance. Customers choose Cresta for:

A uniquely comprehensive AI-powered contact center solution

With the power of generative AI, Cresta offers contact centers the opportunity to truly transform.

Industry-leading real-time coaching

Give agents the support they need, when they need it, without placing extra burden on managers.

Custom-tailored AI contact center solutions

Cresta’s solutions are designed to deliver meaningful results by addressing every contact center challenge and objective.

An extensible and flexible omni-channel platform

As the nature of customer interactions evolve, Cresta helps contact centers evolve with equal quickness.

Calculate your sales potential

Find out how Cresta’s contact center AI solutions could bring immediate impact and value to your business.

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