Post-call analysis and automation to increase agent effectiveness through outcome-oriented coaching and business insights

Most companies sample just a portion of customer conversations. The lack of visibility into what is actually happening makes it difficult, if not impossible, to bridge the performance gap between best and worst agents.

Cresta Post-Call automation helps contact centers be more effective by providing managers and supervisors with insights to identify and prioritize the key behaviors that drive successful business outcomes, along with the ability to ensure consistency by automatically reviewing agent adherence to behaviors in every conversation.

post-call automation

Three-step process to improve agent performance

Cresta post-call analysis identifies and measures the key behaviors that drive better outcomes.

Cresta post-call automation offers two approaches

Batch and real-time processing of conversations

Performance + coaching
  • Outcome insights for sales and retention drivers
  • Performance and behavior insights
  • Coaching and collaboration
QA and compliance
  • Observability over 100% of conversations and transcriptions
  • AutoQA + manual QA workflows
Business insights
  • Topic discovery
    Discover unknown call reasons, common visitor questions and objections, reasons why customers buy / don’t buy, & more
  • Customer insights
  • Trend and anomaly detection
All the features and capabilities of Post-Call batch processing
Ability to view calls in real time for in-the-moment coaching opportunities
Faster analytics and insights
Real-time alerts and anomalies if something drastic changes, or a compliance issue occurs

Customer results

A large telco business reduced new hire ramp time by 2 weeks

Holiday Inn Vacations

Global hospitality brand realized 2X improvement in conversion rate by identifying what causes performance gaps and personalizing coaching

Large retailer realizing 100% QA Coverage by automatically evaluating every conversation for adherence

Ready to transform your call center operations and elevate your customer service?

What makes Cresta different?

No-code UI

Makes it easy for customers to create powerful AI-based coaching and monitoring through a simple no-code interface. 

Better transcription quality

We customize our speech recognition models to accurately detect your business’ unique language and phrasing.

Real-time intelligence

Supports live coaching and rapid response to out of compliance instances.

Custom AI tailored to you

Our custom AI models can accurately detect call reasons, unique behaviors, custom attributes, and key moments that are important to your business


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