Cresta Expands Generative AI Solutions for the Contact Center

Today we’re thrilled to announce a number of new solutions and enhancements to our real-time intelligence platform. Today’s updates further add to our comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions powered by generative AI. We’re proud to partner with organizations like Blue Nile, Holiday Inn, and many more to help them grow revenues, retain customers, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.   

Drive Revenue Growth by Narrowing the Sales Performance Gap

The Cresta Revenue Growth solution helps revenue-generating contact centers and service-to-sales teams build and follow custom playbooks that are proven to improve business outcomes and narrow the gap between top and bottom performers. Powered by Cresta’s powerful Generative AI engine, sales organizations can quickly discover the behaviors and tactics that are proven to drive revenue and reinforce them in every conversation with real-time coaching.

Cresta helps managers and agents improve revenue performance as quickly as possible. Cresta helps teams discover winning sales behaviors, determine whether those sales behaviors are being followed, and reinforce those behaviors in real time with in-the-moment guided selling.

Increase Agent Effectiveness Through Outcome-Oriented Coaching and Business Insights

Companies often sample just a portion of customer conversations. The lack of visibility into what is happening makes it difficult, if not impossible, to bridge the performance gap between their best and worst agents. Organizations also find that they then lack the data to identify which behaviors have the most impact on agent performance – and from there, the proper tools to drive effective coaching at scale.

The new Cresta Post-Call solution helps contact centers be more effective by providing managers and supervisors with real-time insights to identify and prioritize the key behaviors that drive successful business outcomes, along with the ability to ensure consistency by automatically reviewing agent adherence to behaviors in every conversation. Agents are provided with timely, personalized coaching to help them improve their performance. 

Identify Reasons Why Customers Are Engaging the Business and Identify Self-Service Opportunities

Building successful chatbots and virtual agents involves more than just having the most powerful tools. It is also about uncovering the right opportunities for self-service. With today’s announcement, we’re unveiling several new enhancements to the Cresta Intelligent Automation solution and our virtual agent product: 

  • Topic Discovery – Automatically identifies high volume use cases from all historical conversation transcripts. The Topic Discovery feature gives visibility into where automations will have the biggest impact, as well as how use case compositions change as the market evolves. 
  • Intent Modeling – Identifies and trains intents modeled from real data, ensuring high performance NLU recognition. Since training of intents is on real customer utterances, no synthetic training phrases are required.
  • Flow Modeling – Provides for conversational transparency to understand the paths customers take and the associated outcomes. With Flow Modeling, it is easy to determine which paths have the highest positive impact along with the characteristics that lead to positive outcomes.
  • Automated Labeling – Leverages the latest innovation in Large Language Models to automatically surface and suggest labels. The result is a reduction in labor-intensive manual labeling of tasks and faster time to value.

Today’s announcement is another step in our continued mission to make contact centers more productive, effective, and efficient. To see these new products in action, request a personalized demo today

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