Bridging the Performance Gap: Identifying Behaviors for Powerful Sales Outcomes

In case you missed it, we hosted a webinar earlier this week on our evolving understanding of the performance gap in contact centers. Jointly hosted by three Cresta power players from our Customer Success, Data Science and Product Management teams, the webinar dug into how a deep understanding of the influence of specific behaviors on specific outcomes can radically transform a contact center’s performance. 

Brandon Feria, Manager of customer success at Cresta, explained how, previously, we assessed and analyzed the sales performance gap by looking at top performers and bottom performers through performance KPIs – and this is generally how businesses have approached it as well. In our first Sales Performance Gap ebook, we analyzed 340,000 conversations and determined that there were four critical behaviors proven to help improve sales: setting expectations, handling objections, discovery, and assuming the sale.
Sales performance gap 1.0

To read our first Sales Performance Gap eBook, download here!

While Brandon acknowledged that this approach outlined in our first eBook is of course a great way to understand which agents are performing and at what level, there are deeper levels to understanding the ways to bridge that gap and drive bottom line outcomes for an organization. As our work with generative AI and the impact on our customers has evolved, so too has our focus on the unique behaviors that organizations can be tuned into.

Data Scientist Ching-chi Tu then joined us to talk through on how diving deep into these key behaviors leads to positive business outcomes – ultimately leading to increased revenue, higher conversions and more for the business. Ching-chi lead webinar attendees through our updated Sales Performance Gap eBook (v2) and how our data team analyzed 6 million conversations this time, allowing us to go a level deeper. Rather than just agent-level analysis, we can now look at conversation-level analysis and more acutely understand the exact moment in time where an agent has the choice to do a behavior or not – and the ensuing impact. See some examples that get far more granular and really lead to impacting agent behavior and outcomes below: 
Key behaviors that lead to better outcomes

In the webinar, our hosts also dug into two examples of real Cresta customers – one from a leading telecommunications company and one from a leading travel and hospitality company. We were then joined by Josh Levin, our Director of Product Management, who walked attendees through a quick demo of Cresta’s Outcome Insights. 

To get all of these details on how leading companies and real-life Cresta customers are and see the product in action, download the webinar replay and share with your team today. And of course – at any time, you can schedule a personalized demo with our team!

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