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Bridging the Performance Gap: Identifying Behaviors for Powerful Sales Outcomes


Last year, Cresta published the first edition of our Sales Performance Gap report, where we analyzed 340k conversations to understand the differences between top and bottom performers in a contact center. As our work with and understanding of the modern contact center has continued to evolve, so too has our understanding of the Sales Performance Gap – and how to bridge it, while driving the outcomes that supercharge sales and conversions.
With this year’s second edition ebook, we analyzed over 6 million conversations to explore key selling behaviors and the importance of a tailored, three-step approach that not only closes the sales performance gap, but drives successful outcomes.
Register now to join Cresta’s Brandon Feria, Manager of Customer Success, Ching-chi Tu, Data Scientist, and Josh Levin, Director of Product Management as they talk through:
  • The current state of the contact center and why bridging the sales performance gap requires an understanding of agents’ behaviors and the outcomes those behaviors drive
  • Where this data came from, how we analyzed and interpreted it, and how this turned into real-time – and real-life – winning insights for four leading businesses
  • The critical importance of generative AI in developing real-time Outcome Insights that allow a business to pivot and evolve

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Presented by
  • Brandon Feria

    Manager - Strategic Customer Success, Cresta

  • Ching-chi Tu

    Data Scientist, Cresta

  • Josh Levin

    Director of Product Management, Cresta