Aragon Research Names Cresta as an Innovator for Conversational AI

Aragon Research, Inc has released their latest report, Aragon Research Globe for Conversational AI in the Intelligent Contact Center Report, listing Cresta in the “Innovator” section. The report is the first of its kind as it specifically focuses on conversational AI capabilities and solutions targeted to the contact center. Looking across three indicators – strategy, performance, and reach – the report recognizes the leading providers using conversational AI technology to improve customer and employee experience. This report recognizes Innovators for their “strong strategic understanding and objectives”. 

As the report details, we are no longer in a time where low expectations for contact centers is the norm. Rather, contact centers are expected to serve as an engine of revenue generation as well as to be bastions of consistently quick and positive customer experiences. Customers have high expectations that contact centers will both anticipate and promptly meet their needs. They are looking for personalization and convenience that only AI technology can provide at scale. As Aragon Research stresses in their new report, leveraging these technologies is what will enable contact centers to not only drive revenue, but also to build real, enduring loyalty and relationships with customers. 

The report walks through the evolution of this AI technology that is transforming the way that contact centers operate and the resulting impact. In their words, “if artificial intelligence (AI) is the fuel that’s driving the modernization of the ICC, then conversational AI is the vehicle making the UX much more enjoyable”. 

A key innovation in this evolution is the ability to leverage real-time insights across the contact center, and the implications are far-reaching and impactful. When companies have access to data-rich insights on customer conversations as they are happening, they see an instant improvement in the quality of customer experience, a decrease in average handle time (AHT), and an increase in their ability to drive revenue. Teams are also able to deploy faster and more efficient onboarding, as well as real-time coaching for agents both new and veteran. 

For industries like health insurance, the implications of faster and easier onboarding are far-reaching when considering spikes in seasonal hiring for open enrollment. With the war for talent at an all-time high, engaging and retaining employees are critical considerations for contact center operations.  

To companies looking to deploy and leverage this technology, Aragon Research advises a deep understanding of your customers, your use case, and the capabilities that will most enable where your business is aiming to be. 

Download Aragon Research’s report to read more and learn about Cresta’s position as Innovator in this ever-growing and evolving space. And to understand just how Cresta’s real-time intelligence will change the way your business operates, request a demo with us today

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