Real-time intelligence powered by Generative AI for the contact center

ai powered call center

Cresta centralizes and amplifies the knowledge, insights, and coaching your contact center needs to reach peak performance. Customers choose Cresta for:

A uniquely comprehensive
AI-powered contact center solution
real-time coaching
AI contact center solutions
An extensible and flexible
omni-channel platform

Cresta’s real-time intelligence transforms contact centers

Cresta becomes the central hub of intelligence across the AI powered contact center, continuously improving with each additional conversation.

Real-time is real value

Cresta turns real-time insights into real-time actions that make the contact center smarter and drive business results.

Uncover & act on business insights

Get visibility into business trends as they emerge so you can make smarter and faster business decisions.

Drive robust coaching & quality assurance

Measure team performance on 100% of conversations and coach the performance gaps that matter.

Increase agent effectiveness & efficiency

Equip every agent with the AI powered contact center coaching and assistance they need to perform like a top performer.

Drive efficiency through automation

Strategically find and replace repetitive conversations with chatbots backed by customer insights.

Proven to deliver results

Our patented real-time intelligence engine is constantly learning and finding new ways to drive business value.

increase in CSAT
lower AHT
saved per week
reduction in ramp time

A uniquely comprehensive feature set

By powering so many features with a centralized AI model that’s constantly learning and improving, Cresta customers benefit from massive synergies within their business. Some of the these features include:

Behavioral Coaching

Helps agents improve soft skills and follow proven best practices.


AI-generated responses based on the context of the conversation.

Knowledge Assist

AI-powered search helps agents instantly answer customer questions.

Auto Summarization

AI-generated notes and summaries improve accuracy and reduce agent workload.

Performance Insights

Automatically creates summarized notes for agents in real-time without having to press a key.


Quickly identify top performers, compare agent performance and see who’s on pace to hit their goals.

Coaching Plans

Each agent’s personalized coaching plan with behavior metrics, QA scores, and manager feedback.

Customer Insights

Analyzes 100% of conversations to surface emerging customer trends in real-time.

Topic Playground

Explore conversations with state-of-the-art NLU that finds and groups new topics into common themes.


Build chatbots that learn from top agents with Cresta’s state-of-the-art NLU and Conversation Design Experts.

Cresta Opera

A no-code tool to deploy AI powered contact center coaching across contact centers in a matter of minutes.

And dozens more...

Integrate anywhere

AI contact center technology is constantly evolving. Cresta’s platform-agnostic approach makes it easy to quickly integrate real-time intelligence into any environment. Here are just a few of the contact center technologies we work with.

Seamless integration with industry-leading providers

Support for both cloud-based and on-premise solutions

Flexible, tailored solutions to meet diverse infrastructure needs

Unparalleled adaptability to your contact center

Enterprise grade

Cresta is committed to delivering lasting value for our customers. Our enterprise-grade engagement model ensures every customer gets the most out of Cresta.

generative ai-powered call center


Cresta certifies our services against the strictest standards including SOC 2 Type II and PCI-DSS. Learn more.

generative ai contact center

Admin controls

Managers and supervisors have controls to manage Cresta’s expertise engine and the agent experience.

ai contact center solutions

Dedicated CSM

Success managers meet with customers weekly to guarantee impact and fast time-to-value.

ai-powered call center solutions

Business reviews

Our experts deliver quarterly briefings so customers can easily measure and review Cresta’s value.

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