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Real-Time Intelligence for Contact Centers

Cresta’s intelligence layer centralizes and amplifies the knowledge, insights, and coaching your contact center needs to reach peak performance. The result? A center of excellence for your contact center.

Why Customers Choose Cresta

No matter what your needs are, Cresta’s platform and capabilities can help you move the needle.

Real-Time AI


Born in the “Age of AI,” Cresta is built from the ground up to optimize live conversations. From our architecture to our AI-driven products, real-time is at our core.

Instantly Go From Insight to Action

Cresta’s comprehensive real-time solution lets you uncover valuable insights and instantly take action, all through a few clicks.

Custom Fit to Your Business

Every business is different. Rather than using generic AI models, Cresta tailor fits AI solutions to your business’s individual needs.

01   Real-Time AI for Real-Time Impact

Cresta amplifies the behaviors of your top performers across your team. Custom designed for your business, Cresta understands and takes action on every conversation, whether that’s presenting real-time coaching, alerting a manager for help, or surfacing customer insights.

Custom AI

1. Result-Driven Design

Cresta builds a tailor-fit AI solution that drives the metrics you care about most.


2. Understand

Throughout a conversation, Cresta observes and identifies opportunities for optimization.


3. Act

For each moment in a conversation, Cresta determines the perfect action to take.


4. Optimize

Cresta makes it easy for business users to instantly act on insights and fine-tune coaching.

  • Real-time Transcription
  • Real-time Redaction
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Moments & Actions
  • Adherence Tracking
Real-time Transcription & Redaction

Cresta uses custom transcription models to accurately transcribe and redact 100% of conversations.

Conversational Intelligence

Cresta goes beyond keywords and uses advanced NLP & NLU to understand semantics, tone, emotion and more.

Moments & Actions

Cresta evaluates every conversation and determines the perfect action to take at each moment.

Adherence Tracking

Cresta tracks whether agents are following coaching, helping managers determine where to focus their efforts.

Real-Time Agent Assist

Real-time coaching and guidance, trained by your top performers and delivered in real-time.

QA and Performance Management

Automated QA and conversation evaluations help managers more efficiently coach teams.

Customer Insights


Live analytics show how agent performance directly impacts your top and bottom lines.


Personalized self-service experiences allow customers to quickly help themselves.

03 Omnichannel, Omni-Use Case

Cresta becomes the central hub for intelligence across your contact center, optimizing Sales, Care and Retention conversations across voice and chat channels.

Cresta Flow Chart

Cresta certifies our services against the strictest standards including SOC 2 Type II and PCI-DSS.

Admin Controls

Managers and supervisors have controls to manage Cresta’s Expertise Engine and the agent experience.

Dedicated CSM

Success managers meet with customers weekly to guarantee impact and fast time-to-value.

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)

Our Experts deliver quarterly briefings so customers can easily measure and review Cresta’s value.

Your business. Powered up.

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