Announcing Cresta for Customer Service

Today, we’re excited to announce our latest offering, Cresta for Customer Service.

Cresta is on a mission make business radically more productive by using AI to help teams unlock their full potential. Since launching earlier this year, Cresta has been focused on driving top-line growth for the world’s leading brands. This has meant using our real-time intelligence to drive improved conversion rates, increase average order value, and reduce average handle time (AHT). And we’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with highly innovative teams and drive some stellar results – 20% improvement in conversion rate, 25% greater average order value, and millions of dollars in additional annual revenue – to name a few (for more, check out our case studies). Naturally, our customers wanted to know if Cresta could extend our product to help their Customer Service teams. Spoiler alert – we can!

Customer Service, the new revenue driver.

As we met leaders from the world’s most innovative service teams, we identified a few key shifts.

First and foremost, and accelerated by COVID, as more customers look to engage with brands through digital channels, being able to handle surges in customer demand is key. This means increased capacity, improved efficiency, and more effective onboarding programs.

Second, Customer Service is more than a cost-center. Service teams are quickly becoming strategic revenue drivers, key to building loyal customers and growing customer LTV.

Customer experience has a direct impact on upsell opportunities.

And last but not least, with this in mind, organizations are prioritizing quality metrics, like CSAT, NPS, and FCR, over more traditional efficiency metrics like AHT and capacity. As chatbots and automation begin to address simple and redundant tasks, agents are focussing on complex, variable, and challenging interactions.

To help service teams deliver better customer experiences and handle more complex interactions with ease, we are happy to announce Cresta for Customer Service.

Cresta for Customer Service

Cresta for Customer Service leverages the same outcome-based approach that has made our Sales solution so impactful. This means service leaders can simply select metrics that matter to their business, such as CSAT, NPS, and AHT, and Cresta takes care of the rest.

As teams interact with customers, our Expertise Engine is continuously learning, observing and identifying top-performing behaviors. From here, our real-time assistance and coaching put insights into action, allowing service teams to:

  • Improve customer interactions: Personalized real-time assistance helps teams better address customer challenges with empathy and confidence. Agents, new and old, receive recommended responses and behavioral coaching that are guaranteed to improve the agent and customer experience.
  • Answer questions faster: Through knowledge-base integrations, agents no longer have to sift through pages of documentation to find an answer. Cresta automatically presents agents with the best answers to customer questions.
  • Ensure compliance: With live guidance and conversation monitoring, Cresta helps teams stay on script and compliant with regulatory policies.

Real-time coaching and workflow automations guide agents through key moments of conversations.

  • Coaching tools and dashboards: Cresta transcribes 100% of conversations and automatically presents managers with recommended coaching plans. Cresta even alerts managers of any live conversations that require immediate attention. Managers can spend less time reviewing transcripts and more time coaching teams to better results.

Managers can quickly review team performance and determine where to focus their coaching efforts.

Delivering Real Results

Cresta for Customer Service is helping industry-leading service teams realize transformative results today. Within the first month of use, customers have seen:

  • 19% improvement in CSAT
  • 15% reduction in AHT
  • 5x reduction in new agent ramp time
  • Improved employee satisfaction

Michael Toplisek, Earthlink’s President, believes Cresta will extend EarthLink’s technical support staff’s lead as the #1 ISP in customer satisfaction. “We selected Cresta after a review of AI software because of the ability to provide coaching real-time in the moment, which ensures that our customers are receiving the exemplary service and reliability that they’ve come to expect from EarthLink, even during this time of unprecedented need, and to help us provide the best possible service well into the future.”

We’re thrilled to launch Cresta for Customer Service and help more teams uncover and amplify expertise. Visit or contact us to learn more!