Cresta’s Spring Release

Today, we’re excited to announce our Spring 2021 Release: The Sound of Expertise. On our mission to make every office worker 100x as effective, we are constantly developing new solutions where AI can help office workers be 10x faster and 10x better. We believe the path to accomplish this entails using AI to uncover expert behaviors that teams are already doing today and amplifying those behaviors across teams. Today, we look forward to sharing our latest and greatest with you. 

Announcing Cresta for Voice

The cornerstone of our Spring 2021 Release is Cresta for Voice, our new offering which brings Cresta’s Expertise AI to phone based teams. This means phone-based sales and customer service teams can now benefit from Cresta’s real-time assistance and coaching, automation, and coaching and QA tools. 


Built atop our Expertise Engine, Cresta for Voice presents real-time assistance and coaching to representatives during customer calls. This helps teams deliver stellar customer experience during every conversation and bridge the gap from insight to action. 

Cresta for Voice features capabilities such as:

  • Real-time assistance and coaching
  • Automated knowledge base lookups
  • Workflow automation
  • Automatically query knowledge bases for answers to customer questions
  • and more…

Click here to learn more and watch our launch video


More Greatness from Cresta’s Spring Release

Beyond Cresta for Voice, our team has been hard at work driving critical improvements built across the board. Below is a taste of some of the key product enhancements our team has been shipping over the past several months.