A Letter From the Founders

At Cresta, we’re on a mission to enable everyone to be 100x as effective at work. And today, we’re excited to announce our $50M Series B round of funding. Led by Sequoia with Allen & Company, Greylock, and a16z, this financing allows Cresta to continue to invest in our Expertise AI and help teams unlock their full potential. We are humbled by the confidence our investors have placed in our team, our product, and our vision and we couldn’t be more excited for the journey ahead.

The idea for Cresta was born during our Ph.D. work at the Stanford AI Lab where we asked “How can AI make humans better instead of replacing them?”. This question was posed in response to the observation that until now, AI’s relationship with humans has been one of automation, not co-existence. 

As we explored industries, we were surprised by the status quo in every enterprise: 

  1. The Performance Gap: We have accepted that the difference in productivity between top-performing employees and the rest is simply human nature. 
  2. Unclear Business Outcomes: We have become accustomed to buying software that does not offer immediately measurable ROI.

These “facts of business” surprised us, and clearly represented an opportunity for improvement. Since launching from stealth in February 2020, we have expanded our Expertise AI to help sales and service teams across voice and chat, built a team of formidable Crestans, brought veterans like former AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan to our board, and partnered with world-class brands like Porsche, Intuit, Adobe & Cox Communications to name a few. We are grateful to all involved and humbled by the progress thus far. 

But this is just the beginning of a long and exciting journey. We are committed to building an enduring company that is known for disrupting the status quo of software as we know it. AI can help people be better instead of replacing them. 

This is an exciting future, and we are building it today. Cresta has already raised $76 million dollars from the world’s best investors, including Sequoia, Greylock, a16z, and Andy Bechtolsheim. Our product is in production globally at Fortune 500 companies, optimizing millions of interactions and delivering hundreds-of-millions in incremental revenue.  If you want to help us on our mission to change how expertise is gained and shared, we are hiring.


Zayd Enam, Tim Shi, and Sebastian Thrun

Co-founders, Cresta