Cresta Agent Assist Overview


Cresta’s Real-Time Intelligence amplifies the best practices of top performers across your contact center team, guiding agents through customer conversations with AI-powered coaching and key automations like Auto Summarization, Knowledge Assist, and more.

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Contact Center Agents spend a whopping one-third of call time on post-call activities, from writing notes and summaries to copy-and-pasting them into different applications. Meet Auto Summarization & Note Taking, and say goodbye to tedious tasks and After Call Work that are slowing down your agents.

Simplify knowledge management. Cresta Knowledge Assist unifies siloed knowledge bases into one powerful real-time experience. Our AI offers the right information at the right time, so contact center agents get the information they need to resolve customer issues fast.

With Cresta Insights businesses can extract customer insights from conversational data and instantly take action. Identify key trends, answer critical business questions, and uncover unknown unknowns, like why customers are calling in. Use these insights to make data-driven decisions and inform business and contact center strategy.