Conversation intelligence to discover and reinforce the true drivers of contact center performance

Unlock better agent performance and increase operational efficiency at scale with conversational AI software that understands the content and context of every conversation.

Deeply actionable

Gain a deeper understanding of your business with conversational AI software powered by best-in-class transcription and semantic understanding.

quality management

Evaluate 100% of conversations at a fraction of the cost with the industry’s most accurate AI-native QM solution.


Deliver personalized coaching that prioritizes the specific skill and knowledge gaps most likely to impact mission critical KPIs.

“Not only do we have insights into customer behavior, but we are also able to ensure that coaching, reinforcing processes, metrics, QA – all of the goodness of Cresta – applies consistently to all of our agents”

Phillip Kotterman, VP of Digital Transformation, Brinks Home
Discover what really drives results in your contact center

Conversational AI Comprehension

Analyze context, semantics and behaviors bespoke to your business

Cresta’s bespoke AI understands conversations and context, and tracks complex utterances and behaviors that are specific to your business and your conversations. The result is a robust, data-rich, true-to-life picture of every conversation.

conversational intelligence software

Outcome Insights

Correlate business outcomes
to agent actions

Cresta’s AI models detect and correlate conversation outcomes—like closed sales, retained customers, or solved support cases—with agent behaviors, to draw a clear link between actions and results.

conversational ai software

Performance Insights

Track agent performance from an AI-powered command center

Cresta’s AI automatically evaluates agent adherence to key behaviors across 100% of conversations, so you can spot trends, issues and improvements in one place.

Conversational AI Software

Best-in-class, expertise-driven generative AI

Cresta chooses the right AI models for the task at hand, fine-tunes them on contact center interaction data, and uses them to build AI-native products that solves contact center-specific problems.

Turn AI-powered insights into actions that drive results


Perform precision-targeted, outcome-driven coaching

AI-suggested coaching plans surface opportunities to improve specific, quantified gaps in each agent’s performance, prioritized by their potential impact on business outcomes.

Quality Management

Transform QM with auto-scoring
and AI workflows

Intelligent auto-scoring helps you meet your compliance and regulatory obligations, while AI-enabled workflows empower your QM teams to conduct hybrid manual / auto scoring more efficiently.

AI Insights

Automate reporting
and business intelligence

Discover the voice of the customer with automated conversation transcripts and summaries, topic clustering, emotion, sentiment, trends, and anomalies.

No-Code Builder

Build conversation rules
with a no-code action layer

Define bespoke conversation behaviors and intents by training a custom generative AI model on your conversation data. Build automated alerting, tracking, external integrations, and even real-time agent guidance and hints—all with Cresta Opera, an intuitive no-code builder interface with advanced logic and testing tools.

Transform your contact center
with an enterprise-ready conversational intelligence platform

Lay the foundation for the industry’s most capable real-time guidance

Hit the ground running with real-time Agent Assist supported by your data and models from post-call analysis. All of your generative AI-powered behavioral tracking rules, fine-tuned transcription models, and rich insights can be used to power real-time agent guidance as well as post-interaction coaching and QA.

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