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Assisted Automation: The End of After Call Work is Here


Did you know agents spend a third of their time on after-call work? Once a customer interaction has ended, agents need to refine and organize their notes and directly influence future handle times, lengthy call backs, and help smooth transfers and escalations. 

Agents are asked to gather as much information as possible for businesses to run an effective and strategic contact center. Among other tasks, agents are expected to take clear, concise, and detailed notes while providing excellent customer service and reducing average handle time. That’s a tall order.

Watch this webinar to learn how Cresta’s Real-Time Auto Summarization & Note Taking automates away tedious tasks like post-call work so that agents can provide better service, improve operational accuracy, and move through calls more efficiently.

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Presented by
  • Akhil Talwar

    Product Manager, Agent Solutions

  • Jessica Stallings
    Jessica Stallings

    Product Marketing Manager, Cresta