Cresta Shifts Customer Care From Cost Center to a Value Center

Cresta's latest release uses its Expertise AI to help customer care teams move faster and drive top-line growth.

SAN FRANCISCOJune 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cresta, the Expertise AI provider to the enterprise, today launches its Summer Release. Inspired by customer care organizations making the transition from a cost center to a value center, this release introduces features built to help customer care teams deliver enhanced customer experience while unlocking growth across the customer journey.

Today, the demands on customer care teams are greater than ever before. As of 2020, 60% of customer engagements with brands are now virtual, with 58% of customers saying COVID-19 has raised their standards for service. Realizing customer care teams are the face of their brands, leading organizations are finding opportunities to drive growth through care and service, using metrics like lifetime value and retention to guide their care programs.

“We are seeing a shift in the role customer care teams play across the customer journey,” said Zayd Enam, co-founder and CEO of Cresta. “Care teams are shepherds of customer experience, but fast becoming the key to unlocking top-line growth. Our Summer Release helps care teams accelerate the shift from cost center to value center.”

In their Performance Gap Report, Cresta analyzed over 100,000 service conversations and found that 25% of a conversation is spent sending repetitive messages, like greetings or account verification, which representatives may repeat 100s of times a day. Cresta also found that 40% of a conversation is spent researching and resolving customer issues.

To address these findings, Cresta’s Summer Release focuses on three core capabilities — configurable automated messages, accelerated knowledge search, and retention and cross-sell coaching. Together, these features help care teams improve customer experience and deliver the training needed to become a value center. Cresta’s existing performance management and business reporting capabilities let managers quickly measure the impact of their growth and retention strategies. By allowing teams to measure, act, and iterate on a common platform, Cresta becomes an end-to-end solution for up-leveling growth-minded Customer Care organizations.

Cox Communications is using Cresta to accelerate its retention strategy. “At Cox, intelligently identifying opportunities to deepen our customer relationships while delivering great customer care is critical,” said Kathleen Preston, Director Digital Sales and Marketing at Cox Communications. “Cresta’s real-time capabilities have helped coach our teams to improve customer experience and drive repeatable revenue contribution quarter over quarter.”

The Summer Release is available today. To learn more about the Summer Release, visit

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