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Future of Contact Center Employees

Introducing CCW Digital’s latest Market Study on the Future of Contact Center Employees, sponsored by Cresta. This comprehensive analysis delves into the profound impact of AI on employee experiences within contact centers.

As AI continues to redefine job roles, center leaders face the challenge of navigating this transformation while ensuring the preservation of customer-centric values. This study serves as a roadmap, offering actionable insights to address these pressing concerns and equip agents and supervisors for success in an evolving landscape.

Key areas covered in this study include:

  • Identifying pivotal opportunities and potential pitfalls that significantly shape the contact center employee experience.
  • Unveiling employee sentiments towards AI and their readiness for the transition towards more sophisticated, value-driven tasks.
  • Highlighting the essential skills that agents need to excel in an era characterized by AI-augmented, personalized, and omnichannel engagement.
  • Addressing prevalent risks, misconceptions, and barriers hindering the cultivation of “happy agents” who, in turn, ensure “happy customers.”
  • Exploring the primary objectives and challenges faced by supervisors as they navigate the evolving landscape of contact center operations in 2024 and beyond.

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