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Sales Effectiveness in Revenue-Generating Contact Centers

In the years since COVID-19, contact centers have experienced a tremendous increase in volume. This has triggered a fundamental shift in their role, from traditionally focusing on mitigating customer concerns to a more strategic role, focusing on driving sales and generating revenue. Sales leaders across industries – from healthcare and telecom to financial services – now need to rethink how they support their teams.

To better understand these shifts, Cresta surveyed 300 sales and service-to-sales leaders to understand how they are navigating these industry-wide changes, adopting new best practices, and preparing for the future.

In this paper, you’ll learn:

  • How sales leaders in healthcare, telecom, financial services, and other industries are pivoting contact center operations towards revenue generation
  • Best practices from their experiences
  • Insights into the universal challenges these leaders face, including high employee turnover and the need to optimize business processes