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Generative AI: What Does it Mean for the Contact Center?


As contact centers migrate to the cloud, the need for transformative AI has never been greater. ChatGPT, a recently released Generative AI model, has taken the world by storm. Its ability to generate fluent and useful text has understandably captured the attention of many leaders, across a wide variety of industries, looking to stay ahead of the curve.
At Cresta, we’ve been working with world-class companies, such as Holiday Inn and Blue Nile to leverage Generative AI for the past four years. Join Cresta leaders Scott Kolman, Tim Shi, and Zayd Enam as they discuss their views on:
  • How these capabilities can be reliably and effectively deployed in the enterprise
  • How generative AI will shape the future of contact centers
  • The true human impact of this technology

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Presented by
  • Zayd Enam

    Co-Founder, Cresta

  • Tim Shi

    Co-Founder & CTO, Cresta

  • Scott Kolman

    CMO, Cresta