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Navigating Responsible AI: A Deep Dive into Cresta's Approach


Dive into the world of Responsible AI with Cresta, where cutting-edge technology meets ethical innovation. In this engaging webinar, Cresta’s co-founder and chief technology officer Tim Shi, alongside Jessica Stallings, Product Marketing Manager, will guide you through Cresta’s commitment to responsible and ethical generative AI.
Discover how Cresta addresses the complexities of generative AI, particularly in the sensitive domain of customer conversations. Our experts will shed light on the strategies we employ to ensure fairness, transparency, privacy, quality, and risk mitigation throughout the development and deployment phases. As a trusted technology partner, Cresta is dedicated to navigating the ethical landscape of AI, ensuring its positive impact on the world’s leading contact centers.
Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into Cresta’s dedication into responsible AI practices that drive the world’s leading contact centers. Join us and explore the responsible side of AI that empowers the customer experience and its pivotal role in shaping the future of customer interactions.

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Presented by
  • Tim Shi

    Co-Founder & CTO, Cresta

  • Jessica Stallings
    Jessica Stallings

    Product Marketing Manager, Cresta