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Transforming Contact Center Quality Assurance & Coaching


Oportun is a mission-driven fintech that’s helping over 2 million members build a better financial future through intelligent borrowing, savings and budgeting capabilities—and every member conversation represents an opportunity to advance that mission by building deeper relationships. That’s why Veronica Semler, VP of Member Servicing at Oportun challenged her team to reimagine their approach to quality assurance from the ground up, with the goal of using AI in ways that empower agents to achieve better outcomes, rather than simply checking the boxes.

Join us for an in-depth conversation between Veronica and Adam Walton, Chief Customer Officer at Cresta that explores Oportun’s transformation journey, during which you’ll learn how Oportun was able to:

  • Drive an internal mindset shift from reactive enforcement to proactive agent development and achievement
  • Use conversational AI and behavioral modeling to objectively analyze and evaluate 100% of their member conversations
  • Apply intelligent automation to increase the efficiency of their QA programs, freeing up resources to focus on personalized coaching
  • Make better decisions by discovering valuable insights about their members, services, and operations hidden in their conversation data


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Presented by
  • Adam Walton

    Chief Customer Officer, Cresta

  • Veronica Semler

    VP, Member Servicing, Oportun