Simplifying The Agent Workflow

Agent Workflow

Cresta Agent Assist just got even better: Introducing Omni Search and Guided Workflows

Now agents have everything they need to be a top performer on day one. No more searching for answers and workflows across knowledge bases, and no more wondering what step comes next. Thanks, AI 😉

The biggest contributor to high AHT when comparing top and bottom performers in our study of over 100,000 conversations was researching the customer’s problem. Contact Center Agents are asked to serve as human encyclopedias, managing increasingly complex problems requiring specialized knowledge. In order to provide excellent customer care, they have to know the answer to any question within minutes. In reality, this requires cumbersome multitasking: researching across several knowledge bases to find answers and workflows all while maintaining a quality conversation with the customer.

Introducing Omni Search and Guided Workflows within Cresta Agent Assist

Cresta’s latest features give both voice and chat agents instant access to critical information, in real-time. Easy-to-use, step-by-step Guided Workflows allows agents to spend less time multitasking and more time confidently providing excellent care, while Omni Search seamlessly integrates both Knowledge Base content and Guided Workflows into one simple search experience. Guided Workflows simplify the agent experience by showing a step-by-step sequence of things to follow, and guide the agent through a wide variety of call and chat flows. 

Your agents no longer need to waste time switching between apps. In fact, a study by Qatalog and researchers at Cornell University found that context switching between apps loses workers 5 hours per week. With Cresta Omni Search, the right information is available in real-time when they need it, no matter where that information is. No more struggling to find a section in a long PDF or digging through documents to find the right information! 

Simple is speed. Omni Search and Guided Workflows give your agents the single-pane-of-glass tool they need to breeze through their calls, providing expert customer service on day one.

Key Features for Agents: 

  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Agents can interactively step through flows with confidence, keeping them informed throughout the conversation without needing to pause and scroll through documents.
  • Access Content in 1-click: Directly in the Cresta Voice app, agents can easily browse and find the right content with Cresta Omni Search by pressing the magnifying glass.

Key Features for Managers: 

  • Manage Content: See all available workflows and toggle to active workflows.
  • Create New Workflows: Upload new Guided Workflow content and preview how they will appear to agents.
  • See Usage Stats: Stay on top of which workflows are being used, which agents are using them, and Iterate as needed. 

Cresta Guided Workflows also give managers a self-service interface to create, view, and manage the Guided Workflows that agents can use. Quickly create Guided Workflows and iterate to further streamline the agent experience, no code necessary. 

Guided Workflow

To learn more about how to lower AHT, boost CSAT, and provide your agents with tools that give them the support and confidence to succeed on day one,  request a demo today!