Reinvent the contact center, with enterprise-grade generative AI

Pinpoint the true drivers of performance, dramatically cut costs with targeted automation, and empower every employee to work smarter and faster with AI-native co-pilots, QM, and coaching, trained on your data.

The end-to-end AI platform trusted by the world’s leading contact centers
25% Higher revenue per lead
20% Higher CSAT
15% Lower AHT
30% Faster Onboarding
Cresta analyzes every conversation, uncovers customer insights and behavioral best practices that lead to better business outcomes, and drives powerful results with a single unified platform for AI-native quality assurance, coaching, and real-time agent assistance.
Custom AI tailored
to your business

Every business is unique. Cresta’s state-of-the art models are trained on your data to develop an advanced contextual understanding of your customers, agents, and processes.

Deploy AI with
clicks, not code

Your business never stops evolving. Empower non-technical leaders to train, test, and deploy AI models that turn insights into action with an intuitive no-code command center.

real-time AI

Real-time guidance simply doesn’t work when it’s a step too slow. Cresta’s scalable architecture delivers ultra low-latency transcription and inference at the speed of human conversation.

Discover and reinforce behaviors that accelerate revenue growth

Cresta learns from top performers to identify the specific tactics that maximize lead conversion and upsell revenue. Deliver targeted, personalized coaching and guide sales reps from discovery to close with real-time co-pilots that never stop learning.

Deliver brand-defining CX at a lower cost per contact

Cresta uncovers the root causes of poor and inefficient service at scale. Empower agents with accurate real-time answers, automate after call work, and unlock unprecedented supervisor efficiency with AI-native QA, coaching, and performance management.

Transform churn risks into lifelong promoters

Cresta reveals the underlying causes of churn and the most effective ways to overcome objections, dynamically guiding agents through complex conversations in real-time to bring frustrated customers back from the brink of cancellation.

Accelerate collections while minimizing compliance risk

Cresta combines behavioral adherence tracking, QA automation, and real-time guidance to reinforce playbooks that are proven to increase promise-to-pay, minimize net credit loss, and protect against costly compliance violations.

An integrated suite of intelligent products

Pinpoint the true drivers
of performance

Gain a deeper understanding of your business with AI that analyzes the semantics of every conversation, correlates insights against conversation-level outcomes, and highlights the most promising opportunities to improve critical KPIs.

Work smarter and faster
with real-time co-pilots

Accelerate onboarding and empower every agent to perform like your best with proactive co-pilots that suggest proven best practices, generate accurate answers, and reinforce compliance at exactly the right moments throughout each conversation.

“There has been about a 10% improvement in response time, conversion to sales and reduced session time. And the system keeps learning and getting better.

Jim Lyski, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, CarMax

Dramatically reduce costs with Gen AI automation

Reduce average handle time and increase concurrency with AI-suggested responses, note-taking, and interaction summaries, while automating entire conversations with virtual agents that learn best practices from human expertise.

Develop exceptional teams with AI-native management

Combine automated and human-in-the-loop QM to efficiently review and score 100% of conversations, then address the most critical skill and knowledge gaps with AI-targeted coaching and complete visibility into agent progression.

No-code AI that moves at the speed of your business

Put the power of generative AI into the hands of your contact center leaders with an intuitive no-code command center for training models to precision-accuracy and deploying powerful workflow-based rules that turn insights into action across the Cresta platform.

Cresta drives transformative results for the Fortune 500


Enterprise-grade security
and data privacy

Easily integrate into any environment

Seamlessly introduce state-of-the-art generative AI into any contact center platform, with support for CCaaS, on-premise, and hardphone-based infrastructure.

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