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2024: The Year of Ubiquitous Enterprise AI

Dive into the intricate world of Enterprise AI through Opus Research’s latest white paper, “2024: The Year of Ubiquitous Enterprise AI.” This journey invites you to unravel the complexities and challenges that define the practical application of AI in the year ahead. The white paper acts as your guide, offering genuine insights into the dynamic evolution of AI, the organic strategies enterprises adopt in deploying AI, the pursuit of responsible AI practices, and the human-centric approach to managing change amidst technological disruption. Opus Research’s comprehensive analysis promises an enlightening exploration into the unfolding landscape of Enterprise AI.

  • Organic Enterprise Deployments: Witness how enterprises are integrating AI without rigid business cases, responding organically to stay competitive. Opus Research foresees a surge in domain-specific language models (DSLMs) catering to industry nuances.
  • Empowering Data Ownership: In 2024, companies are taking control, learning to “Be Your Own LLM” or “Bring Your Own LLM,” using personalized language models to enhance responses with industry-specific, product-specific, or customer-specific data.
  • Ethical AI Practices: Delve into the challenges of addressing bias and responsible AI, crucial in highly regulated industries. Opus Research explores how enterprises navigate the ethical dimensions of AI, prioritizing compliance and user trust.
  • Human-Centric Change Management: Navigate the challenges of change management in the AI era. Understand how AI reshapes customer experience, agent workflows, and enterprise procedures, recognizing the pivotal role humans play in defining the pace of adoption.

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