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How to Drive Sales During Work From Home

Leading retailers have moved to virtual contact centers and sales teams, but what comes after connectivity? According to J.D. Power, after connectivity, virtual coaching and training is the #2 challenge for sales and contact center leadership.

Join Cresta CEO, Zayd Enam, and Product Marketer, Osman Javed, as they highlight strategies organizations have employed to switch to a virtual sales model and virtually on-board and train sales associates in months.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. The state of the retail and e-commerce sector today
  2. Leading organizations’ virtual contact center strategies and best practices
  3. How real-time coaching AI can drive sales performance and make every team member perform like your top-performers

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Presented by
  • Zayd Enam

    Co-Founder, Cresta

  • Osman Javed

    Product Marketing Lead, Cresta