Expertise From Chat Bot to Agent: An End-to-End Chat Solution

The Status Quo:

In speaking with the world’s leading brands, it became clear that offering end-customers more options for engaging with their brands is critical. We saw this trend particularly accelerate in 2020, when many businesses recognized the need to remotely communicate with their customers in place of traditional retail, on matters regarding sales, retention, and other customer support. While there are existing chat solutions in the market, they have low customer satisfaction across customers and employees. These chat solutions may provide individual features such as chat, knowledge base integrations, or real-time coaching; however, none of them have a complete integrated package, leaving businesses scrambling to fill in the pieces with multiple vendors.

Furthermore, as more consumers are shifting their shopping or support needs online, businesses are seeing a large increase in support volume requests. For many businesses, up to 80% of these requests are the same set of questions that can be resolved with a frequently asked questions page. Yet, agents are spending valuable hours manually funneling these requests. This leads to higher response time for customers, higher agent dissatisfaction, and lower business unit economics. Some solutions have sought to solve these problems; however, they require endless configuration, maintenance, and struggle to effectively scale, ultimately leaving businesses asking for more.

Cresta’s Answer:

This is why we’re incredibly excited today to announce Cresta’s new end-to-end chat solution platform, with optional integrated add-ons such as bots. Businesses can implement a custom visitor chat widget on their home website so that customers may initiate a chat with the business. When a customer initiates a chat, agents can then respond to the customer with the help of Cresta’s patent-pending real-time Central Expertise Engine, which is natively built into the platform. Furthermore, with Cresta’s new expert chatbots, businesses can resolve requests without the need of an agent, or appropriately funnel scoped out conversations that are more complex to their agents.

In addition to Cresta’s Central Expertise Engine, the new chat solution platform comes with all the other features unique to Cresta that customers love already such as AI-Director, where businesses can review conversations, and coach their agents.

Why should you care?

Cresta’s end-to-end chat platform solution allows you to directly engage and support your customers from a distance. Furthermore, with optional add-on bots, businesses can resolve low complexity questions without the need for agents. All of the above leads to increased business economics, higher customer satisfaction, and improved employee satisfaction.


Special thanks to the Cresta Surfaces squad: Abdul Azeem, Jerry C, Lareb Syed, Tom Hu, Dietmar Meister, Andrew Lim, Michael Wang, and Cameron Clifford.