Introducing Coaching Plans and Scorecards

Coaching and quality assurance (QA) programs are often top priorities for contact centers but typically fall short due to limited resources and capacity. This is ironic because coaching and feedback have been proven to be the most effective way to improve agent performance and reduce employee attrition

But the reality is, there are three main barriers to implementing effective coaching and QA programs in contact centers. First, coaching and QA are labor-intensive. Managers spend more than 50% of their weeks reviewing conversations, trying to determine where to focus their efforts. Because scoring is subjective and time consuming, only 1-3% of conversations are scored on average. 

Second and even more important than the impact of small QA sample sizes, current workflows around coaching and QA are not cohesive, making both processes less effective. In contact centers today, QA scores just sit in a report after they’re painstakingly produced. The scores aren’t naturally incorporated into existing coaching processes so they aren’t actually used to coach the agent with clear contextualized examples on how to improve.

Last but not least, coaching plans and agent performance are tracked often across multiple tools, making it hard to get a holistic view of agent performance, and even harder to see if coaching feedback is being put into action.

Introducing Coaching Plans and Scorecards

Cresta solves this with our new Coaching Plans and Scorecards, your single home for coaching and scoring. Managers can now score conversations, monitor agent performance over time, and create data-backed coaching plans, all through a single console. Agents get access as well, creating a more collaborative performance management process. And with our Real-Time Intelligence analyzing 100% of conversations, managers can quickly identify coachable moments. 

Product Overview

Key features of Coaching Plans and Scorecards include: 

  • Coaching Overview: An overview of coaching activity across all teams and agents.
  • Agent Overview: Review agent performance against key metrics and adherence to best practices.  
  • Conversations: Quickly find high value conversations for review, annotate with comments and score on one screen. 
  • Coaching Plan: Create data-backed coaching plans that centralize an agent’s goals, scores, and feedback over time. Managers can also define focus behaviors which Cresta’s Agent Assist will present to agents during live conversations. 
  • Agent View: Read-only access for agents to track progress against their goals and review coaching feedback.

Coaching Plans

Coaching Plans: Create data-backed coaching plans that centralize an agent’s goals, scores, and feedback over time. Managers can also define focus behaviors for Cresta’s Agent Assist to present to agents during live conversations.


Scorecards: With scorecards and transcripts side-by-side, managers can quickly evaluate conversations and leave contextual feedback.

These latest features make coaching more impactful. AI-powered streamlined coaching workflows save managers hours per week, helping them boost productivity. And actionable data-backed coaching plans help agents measure and track progress towards key goals. The productivity gains are measurable.  By streamlining coaching and scoring, one Top-5 SaaS provider has reduced coaching prep time by 50% per manager per week. Similarly, Holiday Inn Club Vacations has been able to scale coaching sessions per manager by 4x!

“By using Cresta, our frontline leaders cut the time it takes them to coach their teams in half!” – Contact Center Team Lead

By consolidating multiple coaching and performance management tools into a single console, Cresta creates a more enjoyable coaching experience for both agents and managers. To learn more about these features and Cresta’s Real-Time Intelligence for Contact Centers, request a demo today!