How Blue Nile and Cresta Grew Digital Experience and Set New Records in Chat Sales


Blue Nile is the world’s most trusted fine jeweler and serves customers in over 45 countries and around the world. They have one of the largest online listings of diamonds with over 400,000 diamonds available to shop and purchase. Blue Nile was looking for a solution to create a better experience for their customers across all touch points, plus streamline coaching for their ever- growing team of diamond experts.


With sales volume through chat on the rise, Blue Nile looked to invest in Digital Experience and their Online Chat Sales team. They had invested heavily in their sales methodology but lacked the visibility into adherence and ROI. Cresta stepped in to provide mangers with Real-Time visibility and coaching, help reduce agent ramp time as the team grew, and drive better sales conversion overall.


Cresta partnered with Blue Nile leaders to deliver AI-powered Real Time Intelligence that guided agents and enabled remote coaching, turning the Sales Chat team into the most lucrative sales team in their contact center. Hear the story from Blue Nile’s SVP of Global Sales & Service, Michael Hopkins.

First, with Cresta Director, 100% of Blue Nile’s interactions were QA ’d automatically, allowing managers to use real data to refine their sales process. They discovered redundant discovery questions were getting in agents’ way and immediately changed the playbook. With Performance Insights, managers were able to quickly identify the most pressing coaching opportunities, helping them become more effective coaches.

Cresta Agent Assist enabled agents to gain confidence by guiding them through the new sales process with real-time hints and suggested responses. New agents were ramping up and sharpening their skills faster than ever before, adherence became easy and conversion rates started to really climb. Soon the team was setting new records and receiving the highest ever commission bonuses.

Set new records in conversion rate

Blue Nile says Cresta has been a game changer and were delighted to report they paid out record breaking sales conversion bonuses after just 2 months with Cresta. The team’s CR was up to 16% compared to just 12% previous best, a 33% increase in CR.

“Cresta was a real game changer for us and very differentiated to anything else that we had seen on the market… in our second month with Cresta I paid out more sales conversion bonuses to our chat platform than I had ever done in the past.“
– SVP Global Sales & Service

Optimize sales methodology

With Cresta, Blue Nile now has complete visibility into which agents are adhering processes and how that’s impacting their sales. Cresta’s expert team helped them simplify and refine the sales process while providing agents Real Time hints, call flows, and suggested responses to keep them on course and improved Average Order Value by 6%

“I have a QA team that reviews calls and chats… but they can’t review everyone… Cresta solves that problem for me.”
– SVP Sales & Support

Get agents up to speed faster

Blue Nile was growing at a fast pace, and training new agents remotely introduced a new set of challenges. With the help of Cresta,’s Real-Time Agent Assist, Blue Nile helped new team members quickly ramp-up and sharpen their skills in real time.

“Cresta really enabled us to hire new diamond experts, get them up to speed quicker…we’ve had some of our newest team members become the top performers really quickly, well ahead of when we would have expected them previously.”
– SVP Global Sales & Service

“This is by far the best support and most engaged partner we’ve had in our business. You are getting rave reviews from my leaders”
– SVP Sales & Support

See Cresta in action

aws Cresta’s real-time solutions are built and hosted on Amazon AWS services, which provide the flexibility, scalability, and security that our customers rely on.