Transforming the Retail Customer Experience with Conversational AI

Turn window shoppers into brand advocates with fast and effective service.

Retail has changed for good and customer expectations are higher than ever before. Keeping customers happy means making every interaction matter. With Cresta, you can ensure you’re delivering a personalized retail customer experience whenever they reach out, whether they have a question about their sporting equipment, or whether they’re buying an engagement ring.

retail customer experience

Turn shoppers into buyers

Conversational AI-driven real-time coaching helps retail call center teams follow best practices that are proven to convert while knowledge solutions help teams quickly find the perfect product or promotion – all in real-time.

retail call center

Personalize every touchpoint

Our conversational AI-driven coaching, productivity tools, and knowledge solutions work seamlessly across both chat and phone platforms to help retail contact center agents deliver a premium experience regardless of the channel.

ai for the retail call center

Manage and develop expert teams

For retail call center managers, Cresta Director evaluates 100% of conversations and provides retail leaders with insights and coaching tools to coach and engage with agents effectively, cutting ramp time in half and increasing ESAT.

generative ai for the retail call center

Understand and adapt to customer trends

Cresta Insights makes it easy for retail business leaders to quickly understand what customers are saying, identify key themes and market trends, allowing leaders to create strategic, actionable campaigns within hours of a change.

retail customer experience with ai

“Cresta was a game changer for us… better customer satisfaction, more purchases, higher conversion, more sales bonuses.”

Michael Hopkins, SVP, Sales & Service, Blue Nile

Find out how Cresta could bring immediate impact and value to your business.

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