Case Studies

How a Fortune 50 SaaS Company Improved NPS by 19% in 5 Weeks

The Fortune 50 SaaS provider is on a mission to power prosperity around the world. Their intuitive web, mobile, and cloud solutions generate more money, more time, and more confidence for 50 million people globally. The SaaS provider has continuously innovated on their path to realizing this mission. For the SaaS provider, leveraging AI to unlock efficiencies is core to improving their customer experience.

Helping a Leading Retailer Sell From Anywhere

Mandatory store closures have left the retail sector especially hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of store closures, a leading mattress manufacturer and retailer needed to quickly transition brick-and-mortar retail sales to online channels.

How A Top Telecom Unlocked $13 Million in Revenue With Cresta

Cresta was enlisted by the third-largest telecommunications company in the United States. They provide digital cable television, Internet, telephone, and smart home services to millions of customers nationwide. Their live chat sales team handles a variety of conversations, from customers looking to discover new offerings, to customers moving residences, to brand-new customers who are just setting up their services. The live chat team also operates through a business process outsourcer (BPO), which gave the telecom provider limited visibility into the live chat team's operations and performance. Without visibility, pinpointing strategies for improvement became extremely challenging. In came Cresta.

How Cresta doubled the sales conversion rate for a Top-5 SaaS Company

The company needed a way to get more value from their sales teams without sacrificing quality in their customer interactions or significantly altering the way their salespeople do business.