Deliver better customer experiences

Real-time guided responses help customer advocates deliver a more personalized customer experience, faster.

Improve customer satisfaction

Real-time behavioral coaching and proven responses ensure satisfaction.

Onboard new team members faster

Help your new team members get access to expert insights on day one. Your team sell faster and automate repetitive tasks.

Reduce average handle time

Quick access to the right answers means faster first call resolution and decreased future support volume.

An expert coach on every call

Automated real-time coaching lets you scale coaching to every conversation.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Cresta helps teams address customer concerns with confidence. By helping teams hone their skills and more easily find success, Cresta helps boost employee morale and culture.

What makes our Care solution different

Focus on having great customer conversations, let Cresta automate the rest.

Real-time guided responses

Quickly address customer needs with real-time guidance that references your knowledge base.

Personalized coaching during every conversation

Help agents continuously improve with live coaching based on top performers and industry best-practices.

Automate repetitive workflows

Deliver an amazing customer faster with quick access to knowledge base articles, increased concurrency, and automated ticket creation.

Report on agent and team progress over time

Understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses and identify tactics that are working and those that need some more fine-tuning.

Ensure consistency and
compliance. Iterate when needed.

Ensure best practices are being followed in every interaction. Quickly adjust best practices that are no longer “best.”

“Cresta saved one of my sales and helped me ask the right questions at the right time. Cresta helps steer the conversation, especially when I don't know what else to ask the customer.”

-- Sales Agent

Your people. Powered up.

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