3 Compounding Benefits of AI-Driven, Real-Time Coaching

“Through using this real-time AI, the organization is learning from all the conversations taking place on a daily basis. And they’re continuously able to drive insights from the learnings back into the team, and then into other parts of the organization. This way, every single conversation in the contact center can be better than the last.”

Zayd Enam, Co-founder & CEO, Cresta

Those in customer experience (CX) leadership know that there’s no such thing as too much coaching – we agree. But as every CX Coach would tell you, all the upskilling in the world isn’t worth much if it doesn’t produce results in the contact center. Especially if those results aren’t sustainable and long-term. 

These two beliefs helped define what we do best. Cresta’s real-time coaching provides contact center agents with versatile coaching in-the-moment. By going beyond 1:1 coaching sessions and putting coaching into action during customer conversations, teams are able to unlock new levels of productivity. 

As opposed to traditional coaching sessions or generalized group training, Cresta’s AI-driven coaching is modeled on the behaviors of a team’s top performers. Doing so ensures the coaching that agents receive is relevant, contextual and specifically calibrated to the nuances of the company they work for and the customers they serve on a daily basis. The difference this approach makes within an organization speaks for itself. 

Once our customers deploy Cresta and experience our ability to transform customer experience, they quickly implement Cresta in other parts of their organizations. In fact, on average, Cresta customers deploy Cresta in two to three additional business units, often within the first year of deployment. 

And based on our customer’s feedback, here are three major reasons why:

1. Expertise AI™ gets better over time

Cresta’s Expertise AI improves with each additional conversation that runs on Cresta’s AI platform. This is because our AI itself continues to learn over time as it sees and is trained on more and more data sets that are unique to the organization. This means the longer our clients employ the Cresta platform, the more it’s able to learn the nuances of their business, call flows, and conversation intents.

But don’t take our word for it. See how Cresta’s AI is continually improving after deployment and providing our customers with increasing returns over time:


2. Expertise AI™ becomes easier to expand to more use cases.

There is something to be said for experience. As an organization becomes familiar with implementing AI, it builds the capability to efficiently operationalize and maintain AI products. Similarly, as Cresta is deployed in our customers, we learn to integrate and peacefully coexist with each customer’s unique contact center technology stack. Once Cresta is integrated into a customers environment, the time to deploy Cresta to new business units and use cases is dramatically reduced. .

To deploy Cresta, an organization only needs to do a “full” implementation once for each channel (e.g., chat or voice). Once done, the implementation effort to expand Cresta to new use cases decreases by an average of 50%. 

3. Easier to Manage & Maintain a Single, Centralized AI Platform 

Businesses that implement a single AI platform can more easily leverage the benefits of AI across different use cases. This is because having a dedicated AI solution like Cresta enables contact centers to streamline their AI operations. With a single provider that has the expertise to handle data cleaning, data labeling, bespoke AI model training, and ongoing AI optimization, organizations can focus on AI strategy and business outcomes instead of the nuances of implementing and maintaining AI. 

Cresta helps centralize a contact center’s AI and serves as a common intelligence layer across channels (voice, chat, and bot) and use cases (customer sales, customer care, and customer retention). No matter how or why a customer is contacting a brand, Cresta is able to improve those interactions in real-time. 

This centralized approach to real-time AI simplifies vendor management for businesses when implementing AI across multiple use-cases.

And with the kinds of results we’re seeing, here is where we shush a bit and let our customer results speak for themselves:

Cresta customers rapidly expand Cresta's deployment to achieve compounding returns.

Real-Time Coaching for Better Contact Center Outcomes

With the compounding returns of deploying Cresta, our customers are seeing sustainable improvement in their agents’ behavioral skills and performance. That, in turn, has driven an increasing and quantifiable lift in business results in their contact centers. 

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