Unlocking growth: The role of generative AI in enabling service-to-sales transformation in contact centers

Unlock the power of service-to-sales transformation in contact centers with insights from Robin Gareiss and James Russell. Learn to assess readiness, leverage data, and implement actionable strategies. Join the webinar for key market trends and practical tips.


Unlocking growth: The role of generative AI in enabling service-to-sales transformation in contact centers

Unlock the power of service-to-sales transformation in contact centers with insights from Robin Gareiss and James Russell. Learn to assess readiness, leverage data, and implement actionable strategies. Join the webinar for key market trends and practical tips.

Navigating customer experience with generative AI: Do’s and Don’ts

Join Analyst Sheryl Kingstone from 451 Research, and Scott Kolman, CMO of Cresta as they talk about the impact of generative AI on customer care and how companies can successfully navigate AI adoption.

Transforming contact center quality assurance & coaching

Watch Veronica Semler, VP of Member Servicing at Oportun, and Adam Walton, Chief Customer Officer at Cresta, discuss how Cresta's solutions fueled Oportun's transformation journey, optimizing agent performance and unlocking insights from member conversations.

Navigating responsible AI: A deep dive into Cresta’s approach

Discover Cresta's commitment to responsible AI practices shaping the future of customer interactions in leading contact centers. Join us to explore how AI empowers customer experiences responsibly.

AI predictions for 2024 and what it means for your business

Unlock the future of AI with Opus Research and Cresta! Explore top AI predictions for 2024, unravel the crucial role of data, decode the true costs of AI, and navigate external challenges. Elevate your business in the post-transformer era—reserve your spot for an insightful webinar!

Reimagine coaching and QA with Cresta’s cutting-edge generative AI

Explore the future of contact centers in our exclusive webinar! Discover Cresta's game-changing generative AI, transforming agent coaching, QA, and reshaping the industry. Hear real success stories and stay ahead of the revolution – reserve your spot now!

Revenue generation strategies in the communication space

Dive into the heart of enterprise communications with Cresta and EM360! This exclusive webinar features insights from Analyst Jon Arnold and Tim Shi, Co-Founder and CTO of Cresta. Explore innovative revenue strategies, exceptional user experiences, and the hottest opportunities in the contact center industry.

Generative AI revolutionizing the contact center

Discover the transformative power of generative AI in business and communication. Join us in this EM360 Podcast episode as Analyst Jon Arnold, Tech Thought Leader, discusses with Scott Kolman, CMO at Cresta, how AI is reshaping contact centers, overcoming challenges, and propelling successful communication strategies."

The Impact of Generative AI on Revenue-Generating Contact Centers

Join Cresta’s CMO, Scott Kolman, and Forrester’s Research Director, Seth Marrs for an exclusive and groundbreaking webinar that delves into the transformative world of generative AI and its profound influence on modern contact centers.

Bridging the performance gap: Identifying behaviors for powerful sales outcomes

We analyzed over 6 million conversations to explore key selling behaviors and the importance of a tailored, three-step approach that not only closes the sales performance gap, but drives successful outcomes. Watch this webinar to learn more!

Public and private large language models: How to apply public LLMs to enterprise data

Join Cresta CTO, Tim Shi, Cresta VP of Marketing, Scott Kolman and John Donovan, former CEO of AT&T Communications, for a webinar on how public language models and private custom data models differ, coexist, and transform the enterprise.

The real story on generative AI for customer engagement

In this webinar from Thursday, June 15th, 2023, Cresta's VP of Marketing, Scott Kolman, and Metrigy's CEO & Principal Analyst, Robin Gareiss discussed the key findings of a recent study done by Metrigy with more than 600 companies to understand how they use advanced technologies for better customer interactions.

Reimagining post-call through the power of AI

Join us for a webinar on the critical role of a post-call solution in increasing agent effectiveness and driving business success. Learn how it can bridge performance gaps, provide insights, and ensure consistency through real-time coaching.

Sales effectiveness in revenue-generating contact centers

Discover how sales leaders in various industries are pivoting towards revenue generation, the best practices they have adopted, and the universal challenges they face. Whether you're a seasoned sales leader or new to the field, register now to secure your spot and explore the future of revenue-generating contact centers.

Generative AI: What does it mean for the contact center?

ChatGPT, a cutting-edge Generative AI model, is transforming contact centers as they migrate to the cloud. Cresta, a leader in the field, invites you to join their discussion on how this technology can be deployed effectively, its impact on the future of contact centers, and its human implications.

How Porsche is using AI to drive customer experience

Learn how Porsche is using AI to drive customer experience in an exclusive webinar with Porsche North America's Manager of Customer Care and Cresta AI's Customer Success Leader. Discover how to enhance your customer experience with AI by registering now.

Making your contact center smart with AI

Join Cresta’s VP of Marketing, Scott Kolman, as he dissects the CCW study and walks through why it’s so critical to equip your contact center with real-time intelligence - and how to get there.

Using AI to maximize revenue and boost conversion

Join Cresta’s VP of WW Sales, Matthew Mulqueen and VP of Marketing, Scott Kolman, as they talk about the challenges facing Sales teams today and steps sales teams can take to elevate sales team performance.

Cresta Opera: Supercharging your contact center with no-code AI

Join Cresta Product Manager, Jessica Zhao, for a complete overview of Cresta Opera and its easy to use, powerful capabilities to supercharge your contact center with automated coaching, immediate visibility, and self-serve management.

Assisted automation: The end of after call work is here

Join this webinar to learn how Cresta’s Real-Time Auto Summarization & Note Taking automates away tedious tasks like post-call work so that agents can provide better service and move through calls more efficiently.

Summer ‘22 product release webinar – Powering insight to action

Join Cresta’s Product Team to learn how our Summer 2022 Release enables modern contact centers to move from insight to action and usher in a new era of contact center productivity while delivering a faster and better customer experience.

Friday Five: CX right now

Join Cresta's Shannon Hitson and Brittany Bell as they discuss five tips that are empowering organizations to prioritize their initiatives, improve customer experiences, and recession-proof their business.

You can’t spell retail without AI

Retailers must rethink their contact center strategy to support the new normal of omnichannel selling by incorporating new technologies. Listen to the webinar to learn more.

The CX game changer

The contact center is the front door of your business and the relationship between your customer and your agent has never been more important.

Shifting customer care from cost center to value center

We are seeing a shift in the role customer care teams play across the customer journey. Care teams are shepherds of customer experience and are fast becoming the key to unlocking top-line growth.

Driving real-time conversation intelligence in contact centers & sales

Learn how Conversation intelligence is helping organizations unlock business insights, modernizing legacy workflows, and enabling adopters to outpace their competition.

How to drive sales during work from home

Leading retailers have moved to virtual contact centers and sales teams, but what comes after connectivity?